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  湖南盛世电线电缆有限公司是一家现代科技型电线电缆制造企业,专业生产电线电缆20年,精"芯"打造高品质低烟无卤、低压交联、家装阻燃、高温耐火、架空、控制、信号、防水耐油等绝缘环保电线电缆,还有公司荣获国家高新技术企业。   2016年,为全面升级扩大生产规模,公司搬迁进入省级工业园(衡阳市衡东经济开发区),公司占地面积约10000平方米,注册资金1.02亿元,年产值2亿元,交通位置优越,紧邻京港澳、泉南、衡大高速衡阳境内互通口,距离武广高铁衡阳东站仅20分钟车程。


  “祥盛” 视产品品质和服务质量为品牌生命线,公司秉承“以人为本、规范诚信、追求卓越、铸造精品”的企业精神,诚招全国各地经销商,诚交各领域合作伙伴。我们将一如既往开拓创新,不断进取,用更优质的产品和更完善的服务与您精诚合作、共赢盛世!

  Hunan Shengshi Wire and Cable Co.Ltd is a modern science and technology wire and cable manufacturing enterprise. The company has been specializing in manufacturing wire and cable for 18 years. It is committed to manufacture insulated wire and cable products including high quality、low-smoke halogen-free cables, low-voltage, cross-linked cables ,home decoration flame retardant cables, high temperature refractory cables, overhead cables, control cables, signal cables, waterproof and oil resistant cables etc.

  In 2006, for the comprehensive upgradation to expand the scale of production, the company moved into the provincial industrial park (Hengyang City Hengdong Economic Development Zone), the company covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. It has RMB 102 million registered capital and RMB 200 million annual output value. The location of this company is near the interchange of Beijing- Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Quannan Expressway and Hengda Expressway, and it would only takes 20 minutes to get to the HengYangDong Railway Station of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway.

  Xiangsheng is a very famous trademark brand, which is subsidiary to Shengshi Wire and Cable Co.Ltd.. Shengshi has an advanced production equipment, and a sound wire and cable testing center laboratory, which is able to carry out five tests including plastic, metal, electrical, mechanical and length. This company inspects every procedure during the process of cable manufacture to ensure that each wire and cable it produced can meet the national standards. This company’s wire and cable has gained the national industrial production license, and the China Compulsory Certification (CCC certification). The company has honorable titles including Hunan famous trademark, China quality journey’s well-known brand, and consumers trust in Hunan Province. It was also evaluated as the national grid material suppliers finalist. Xiangsheng wire and cable is widely used in construction areas including the national grid, rail hub, communication engineering, municipal engineering, real estate construction, home decoration lighting, skynet monitoring, and electronic machinery products etc.

  In recent years, this company has carried our many high-quality projects in Hunan Province, such as programs in Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, Beichen Delta, Lehe Commercial Plaza, Lansi Technology, Qingzhuhu Villa, skynet monitoring in Wangcheng district, Yueyang Gang Xin Hua Ting , Hengdong building materials market, Zijin Bay, Mi Shui New Town, Golden Eagle Town, Shui Yu Jin An etc. Its wires for home decoration lighting have great popularity in tens of thousands of households, also, its high quality ensures the safety and effective use. At present, we have point of sales (POS)in cities and towns across Hunan province.

  "Xiangsheng" takes the product quality and service quality as the brand lifeline, and takes “people-oriented, standardized and faithful, pursuit excellence and produce competitive products as its spirits. It is sincere to cooperate with dealers across the country and make partners with all walks of life. We will, as always, pioneer and innovate and keep making progress. With our finer products and better services, we will cooperate and pursue win-win prosperity with you!